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Virtual Cat Finger

Medusa's Gaze

This is a prototype I made alone back in 2015 when Unity 5 was released. I used Google Cardboard as my VR Headset. Leveraging the power of AR by using the front facing camera of a Samsung Galaxy S4, I was able to allow the player to somewhat interact with the world by using the Vuforia plugin and a custom QR Code. There was nothing on the PlayStore doing this at the time and I thought it would be an easy and cost effective input solution for Cardboard experiences.

Gameplay Demos

I was able to capture in game footage from the Galaxy S4 used to produce the game. Please believe me when I say it runs more smoothly in the headset without the screen cap app running. This phone was also released back in 2013 and I definitely pushed it hard with this project.

2D Gameplay

3D Gameplay

Watch in VR

  • If you are using a mobile headset you can play this video in full screen and experience it in 3D.

  • With a PC based headset you can use an app like Virtual Desktop and crank the YouTube resolution to 1080p and then full screen the video. The F7 and F6 keys should toggle the window to SBS 3D.

Click this link to view the QR Code that needs to be printed:

It should fill a whole 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

I taped mine to a piece of cardboard to make it less flimsy.

Want to play it?

Feel free to download the APK and print the necessary QR Code. 

  • You will need a Samsung Galaxy S4 or higher and a VR headset.

  • You will need to be connected to the internet the first time the app launches so the QR code works correctly.

  • Make sure the camera is able to see through the VR headset.

Click this link to download the APK file for the game:

You can download and install it directly on your Android using the Google Drive app.

You can also download the file to your PC then copy the file to your mobile device and install it.

Please note this is only available on Android


Medusa QR Image - by nahuel4990 @ http://nahuel4990.deviantart.com/art/The-terrifying-face-of-Medusa-487091001

Medusa Body – by Emerson Rosa @ cgtrader.com

Monk - by Alaran @ turbosquid.com