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Unity Development

I have been using Unity since 2013. I became a Unity Certified Developer in October of 2017. I have gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of development over the years using self-teaching methods. I have also built a pretty gnarly toolkit of purchased assets that I have experimented with in various prototypes and have available to use in productions:

  • AllSky

  • Amplify Bloom

  • Amplify Color

  • Amplify LUT Pack

  • Amplify Motion

  • AVPro Video (Windows)

  • Behavior Designer

  • Bolt

  • Chronos

  • Core GameKit

  • Curved UI

  • Dialogue System for Unity

  • Easy Save

  • Easy Wifi Controller

  • Final IK

  • Gaia

  • GeNa

  • I2 Localization

  • InControl

  • Koreographer Pro Edition

  • Master Audio

  • Mesh Baker

  • NGUI

  • Photon PUN+

  • Playmaker

  • ProCore Bundle

  • Rainbow Folders

  • Relief Terrain Pack

  • SALSA with RandomEyes

  • Shader Forge

  • Simple Waypoint System

  • Skyshop

  • TextMesh Pro

  • Third Person Controller

  • UFPS

  • uSequencer

And of course:

  • VRTK

  • SteamVR Plugin

  • Oculus Integration

Hardware used in my Studio:

HTC Vive

Oculus Rift

Oculus Go

Intel i7 7700k + 1080 Rig

AMD FX 8350 + 980ti Rig

iMac (2017)

Audio has always been a passion of mine, so I have assembled quite the powerhouse when it comes to making noise.

Audio Gear and licenses:

SubPac M2

Komplete Audio 6

Komplete 10 Ultimate


Komplete Kontrol S49

Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser Mic

KRK Rokit Monitors

FL Studio 20

Pro Tools 11