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Pig Fall

Pig Fall is a mobile game that I produced for iOS and Android in 2014. This is the only title to date that I have had the privilege of creating with the collaboration of another individual. I met a talented artist named Kostadin Karakashef on the internet and together we designed the concept for Pig Fall.


He took care of the visual aspects of the game, and I composed the music and sound effects. Using all our assets I assembled everything in Unity and built the project for mobile devices. The game was launched on both the App Store and Google Play Store entirely for free. Eventually my Apple Developer License expired, and because we did not create Pig Fall with generating revenue in mind, I did not renew the App Store availability. It is currently only available on the Google Play Store.


This was a very good learning experience for me and was also my first self published title. It absolutely could have been better and should have featured a tutorial to get players familiarized with the game play mechanics. I am happy to have produced a very child friendly game that doesn't have any risk of accidental in-app purchases or privacy related permissions that need to be enabled.