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Virtual Cat Finger


It was the early 2000's. I was a high school teenager and lifelong gamer. The desire to transition from consumer to producer began to blossom. Using a now-ancient Windows XP PC and GameMaker, I created Gorge.

The prefab sprites that came bundled with GameMaker were customized with various animations and details. The sound and music were all original, recorded and produced using ancient techniques of days passed. This would be the only production I would produce with GameMaker before dabbling with Unreal Engine and eventually getting comfortable with Unity.

This was my first leap into the world of game development, and I had to figure it out alone. I recall this took a few months to develop. In the end, I was very psyched that I had produced an entire game from scratch. AND it still runs on Windows 10 in compatibility mode! ;p

Want to play?

Really? You realize this is from like, 2003 right?

  • Once downloaded, extract/unzip the file

  • Run setup.exe and install the application

  • Right click the desktop icon>Troubleshoot compatibility> Try recommended settings

  • Windows compatibility mode: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) should be set in order for the game to run.